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Jonas has never had a job assignment quite like this one.  Asked to critique the latest erotic novel by a world renowned author, his boss has sent him out to find the author’s newly released bestseller, which Jonas quickly discovers is sold out everywhere.  While searching for the book in a local bookstore, a very helpful stockroom worker offers to take Jonas to the back room so they can search the many boxes that have yet to be unpacked.  The unassuming Jonas soon discovers that the huge warehouse holds much more than just books. More... The man had a dazzling smile and although it was completely unlike Jonas to react as he now did, he leaned closer to the sexy stranger.  “I, um, there’s that latest book that everyone is talking about.  I’m doing a critique on it for work.”  “I’m pretty sure we’re sold out, if it’s the book I think you’re referring to,” the man said, apologetically.  “I was told that some may come in next week.  I may be able to scrounge up one last copy in the storeroom in the back,” the man continued.  He leaned closer to Jonas, and in his ear he whispered, “If you care to follow me to the back room, I would be more than happy to give it to you…if I have what you need.”

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