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NEW from the bestselling romantic comedy Once Upon A Romance series by Laurie LeClair! If you love fairy tales, you’ll love this funny, heartwarming modern day twist on the classics.  *** What happens when a royal princess in line for the throne doesn’t want to be found?   Rumors of her upcoming arranged marriage of convenience—to someone she’s never even met—prompts Princess Sophia to escape her royal duties and join her best friend to work incognito at King’s Department Store for the next few weeks. However, Sophia’s adventure of a lifetime is in jeopardy as her true identity comes to light when she meets her match as well as the man of her dreams…   Bachelor businessman Sebastian McLeod longs to secure a lucrative deal for the future of his countrymen with King’s to spotlight his ancestral castle for destination weddings and honeymoons in the famous store’s registry. However, once he meets Sophia, he’s inexplicably drawn to the funny, sexy lass who gets herself into all kinds of antics and trouble. Now, he’s torn between what his country needs and what his heart wants.    Sparks fly and heat blazes between Sophia and Sebastian, even before they share that perfect first kiss. But when he soon discovers who she really is and meant for a royal match with another will all hope be lost?        Can a royal and a commoner share a destiny and a love forever more?   Start reading this romantic comedy, modern day twist on the classic fairy tale Princess And The Pea filled with heart and humor now…   Books by Laurie LeClair: Once Upon A Romance Series (Romantic Comedy) If The Shoe Fits – Book 1 Waking Sleeping Beauty – Book 2 Taming McGruff – Book 3 The Reluctant Beauty – Book 4 Awakened By A Kiss – Book 5 Tangled At First Sight  – Book 6 Finding Mr. Just Right – Book 7  Making A Splash – Book 8  Hoodwinked By A Wolfe – Book 9  Baking From The Hart – Book 10 Melting Her Heart - Book 11 Princess In Hiding - Book 12 *** A Very Charming Wedding Series (Once Upon A Romance spin-off; Romantic Comedy) The Bachelor And The Bride – Book 1 The Boss And The Bride – Book 2 The Bodyguard And The Bride – Book 3  *** Wanted: Fairy Godmother (Romantic Comedy) *** The Sweet Spot Series (Romantic Comedy) The Dating Dilemma – Book 1 ***   The McCall Brothers Series (Contemporary Western) The Cowboy’s Rebellious Bride - Book 1 The Cowboy’s Renegade Bride - Book 2 The Cowboy’s Runaway Bride - Book 3 The Cowboy’s Christmas Bride - Book 4 *** Tempted By A Texan Series (Contemporary Western) The Callahans – Prequel Travis – Book 1 Cassie – Book 2 *** The Heart Series (Contemporary Romance) Secrets Of The Heart – Book 1 Crimes Of The Heart – Book 2 Lies Of The Heart – Book 3 *** The Bounty Hunter Series (Romantic Suspense)  Murphy’s Law – Book 1 Riley’s Rules – Book 2  *** The Long Journey Home (Contemporary Romance; Women's Fiction) *** Runaway Wife (Contemporary Romance; Women's Fiction) *** Sweet Summertime (Contemporary Romance; Women's Fiction) *** An Angel Mountain Novel (Holiday Romance; Contemporary Romance) The Heart Remembers The Gift Of Hope   

Detalhes do Produto

    • Formato:  ePub
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Editora: LAURIE LECLAIR
    • Coleção:  Once Upon A Romance
    • Assunto: Romances
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121931301
    • ISBN:  1230002101118

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