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Free for a short time only! Already with his first words, he underlined his reputation of a hard and always frank lecturer, "I don’t intend to remember your names. Not because I’m not able to, but because I don’t want to waste any brain capacity. It’s needed for more important things I can assure you of this. Most of you will not be able to follow me and the complex subject anyway, so you will soon leave the course.” Expectantly, Theresa looked directly into the professor's eyes. He was around 6’1’ and skinny. His curly hair was tamed by a rather short haircut, which made his narrow face look younger. He was elegantly dressed and she thought he was quite charming. That is, was charming until he opened his mouth. "What a nice guy”, Theresa thought when he introduced himself. This warm hearted and funny love story captivates with sparkling dialogues. In combination with an exciting conspiracy thriller à la X-Files, it gives the reader an unforgettable reading pleasure. And here’s the story: After a twelve-year compulsory break in her academic career, thirty years old Theresa Winter resumes her studies in physics and attends a new lecture. She has already heard a great deal about the guest lecturer from Scotland, the famous Professor Peter Calder, and has read all of his work. His cynical demeanour cannot deter her she falls in love with this extremely intelligent man. But her parents’ past is catching up with her. Was their death, as Theresa has believed all these years, no accident at all? Together with her professor she is taking a big step forward in his research in the field of quantum physics. Exactly in the field which was also Sabine and Robin Winter’s research focus. In what did her parents, and now she herself as well, get entangled? Theresa wonders as she and Peter are kidnapped by the former boss and best friend of the Winters, Edward Barnes, who is at the same time her godfather. And what is it about the mysterious "man in the suit” who seems to be everywhere? Help comes from Interpol agent David Connelly and his wife, investigative journalist Sarah Connelly. With this book author CD Sanders introduces her second thriller. There is a small reunion with David Connelly and Sarah Ritter, the heroes of her first thriller "A Relentless Sniper”, which was published by the Hein-Verlag in October 2016. The author dedicates this novel to brilliant actor Peter Capaldi, who inspired her to create the character of Peter Calder by his portrayal of the 12. Doctor. And of course to the fabulous David Tennant, who once again served as a model for Interpol agent David Connelly.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121860991
    • ISBN:  9783743842564

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