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All three books of the Risky Business trilogy now compiled into a box set.   Follow corporate executives and best friends Marc Duchamp, Reed Garrett, and Jeremy Lucas as they each mix business with pleasure with a little office romance. The Deal Marc Duchamp is a bit of a workaholic, trying to turn around the company he's recently taken over as CEO. But all the time at the office doesn't sit well with his wife Aimee, who announces on their fifth wedding anniversary that she wants a divorce.  It's the last thing Marc wants.  So he strikes a deal with Aimee. While his secretary is on maternity leave, she is to take her place in the interim.   Aimee agrees to the deal, on two conditions: She gets to move out, and no one at the office will know her true identity. Marc has no choice but to agree. He's going to have to let his wife go in order to have a chance at saving their marriage. All he can hope is that by the end of it, she'll be coming home with him. The Proposition Since he was young, Reed Garrett had been groomed to eventually take over his father's corporate empire.  Except now that the day is approaching, his father is suddenly telling him he'll hand the company over only after Reed presents him with a grandchild! Cara Delaney, his normally assiduous secretary, seems preoccupied as of late.  When Reed learns of the reason, he may have found a solution to both their problems.  Her brother has been threatened with bodily harm, and possibly even death, if he doesn't pay back a debt within a week, to the hefty tune of half a million dollars. And she doesn't have that kind of money to save him. But Reed does. And he proposes he pay off the debt, on the condition that she marry him and bear his child. The Contract If there's one thing Jeremy Lucas knows how to do, it's having fun.  So when company attorney Meredith Kincaid reveals she's crossing items off her Bucket List after recently turning thirty, with spending a night with him topping her list, he's more than willing to help.  In fact, not only does he agrees to it, but he also volunteers to assist her in fulfilling the remaining items on her list. Except that would mean spending a lot of time together and emotions potentially getting entangled.  That's something Meredith doesn't want to risk, despite Jeremy's assurances it wouldn't happen.  After all, who knew better about having fun with no strings attached than the ultimate bachelor? But Meredith wants a guarantee.  So what better way to ensure against that happening than by having them both sign a contract promising not to fall in love? All titles are available individually.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121008751
    • ISBN:  9781386902935

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