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A romantic tale of time travel, mystery, angels and fantasy.Our adventure starts 300 years ago...1692...Its the time of the great migration. At the quayside families bid farewell to love ones.The journey to the New World is a mammoth undertaking.The promise of a new life awaits but like all births its cursed with pain.Caleb Joseph Cotton along with his parents have passage aboard a crammed cargo vessel.The voyage is horrendous, disease is rife.Unable to prevent his father death, Caleb and his mother fall upon hard times.Finally escaping Boston colony they head South finding refuges within a small religious fishing community.Never really settling in, even after remarrying.The Cottons are about to be torn apart once again by tragedy.At the cost of saving the life of a Native American princessCaleb pays the ultimate price and is killed in a long running family feud.Death isnt the end......He awakens each time inside a strangers body ( male or female)at the moment of self sacrifice in order to rescue others in peril.Hes the guy that dashes into the burning building to free its occupantsor the lady diving into torrent flood water to pull a baby ashore.An endless circle of dying to deliver other souls from fate.1973...When Caleb saves Dianne, shes 7 years old. He takes control of a pensioners body,the old man moves like an Olympian in his prime to clinch Dianne from the jaws of death.As he dies in her arms she can see Calebs spirit inhabiting the pensioners body.2001...Now working in New York as an investigative journalist.Dianne has kept a scrapbook from childhood filled with newspaper cuttings fromaround the world of dramatic rescues.Photos of all the different saviours but she sees only the true heros identity, Caleb.Tracking the man who saved her life twenty-eight years ago,he hasnt aged a single day since that accident.Digging deeper into his past she reveals an astonishing history spanningthree centuries of self sacrificing acts of heroism.It cant possibly be the same man that has entered her life again.Wrapped in his arms shes about to embark on an extraordinary journey beyond faith and reality.(This is the US market version.)

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001041884503
    • ISBN:  9781311028105

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