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The Baby Farm Series all in one book. Baby Farm: The Story of Alec Thorn “Bartholomew Crane, you’re here because you’ve committed a crime. One that goes against the very principals of our founder.” “I’ve committed no crime. I simply created a little life.” “That in itself is a crime. There has never been a life created between vampire and human. It just isn’t done.” Alec Thorn the very first half breed born into the Coven of Kings. He is raised by his adoptive parents, and has no idea who his biological parents are. The tyrannical king, Hannibal Cross sends Alec away from the only parents he knows to become a laborer at the Baby Farm. It is there that he will find new friendship, love, and the truth about his biological parents. After one hundred years of life, Alec learns what has gone on in the coven and is no longer able to allow it to go on. Alec decides to free his people, and enlists the help of highly placed council members to kill the king. This does not sit well with his brand new wife, but he decides to go on with his plans anyway. Clash! The Story of Four Brothers Life at the Baby Farm continues… This is the story of four very different young vampiric men and how they deal with everyday life. Their father, Alec Thorn, famous for what he previously did for the coven, sits back, and watches as his four sons grow into their own lives and become individuals. Nikolai Thorn the oldest is an arrogant and selfish son of a bitch with the power of seduction. Because he was the only vampire in his coven that was born and not made, he thinks he's special. And well, he is. Kristopher Thorn loves his family and his woman. He works hard and doesn't get along with his older brother very well, but there is a reason for that. However he has no clue what it is. Lucas Thorn knows why his two older brothers don't get along, but he keeps it to himself. Lucas, not as arrogant as Nikolai, but almost as selfish. The baby of the family, Byron Thorn, has no clue what his brothers are doing, and doesn't care. His only focus is his woman, and will do anything to stay with her. Nikolai New beginnings. All Nikolai ever wanted was to be happy. At a very young age he was told he was special, and grew up believing it. He has the power of seduction, and has used it on several women to get what he wanted. He even used it on his brother's wife, Regan, and eventually stole her away. Nikolai then took her to America where he learns that life outside of his coven is very different. In order for him and his new woman to survive in this new country, they needed the safety of a clan, and they find one. However, the one they join happens to be deeply rooted in organized crime. Nikolai and Regan planned to stay forever until their master makes a move on Regan. Nikolai refuses to have his woman stolen away, so they move on. Because of the way they were treated, Nikolai vows to one day go back. Fifteen years later he does. His plan is to kill his former master, and live happily ever after. Some how, that doesn't happen. Hannibal Cross: The Rise to Power Hannibal Cross. A dislikeable man who kills an innocent woman and is certainly going to hang for what he has done. He sits in his small jail cell waiting for death when he is visited by a stranger. The stranger manages to save him from one type of death only to offer him another. Kieran Locke does not know how he became a vampire; he only knows that he is one. He spends ten years of his life loathing the fact that he kills to survive. He does not want to continue to be alone in his task, so he seeks another to be his companion. These two men meet and ravage the countryside as a pair until Hannibal begins to get bored. He desires for more than he has, and is more ambitious than Kieran is aware of. Hannibal has the desire to be the leader of a coven. What does he do to get there? This is his rise to power.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001069723853
    • ISBN:  9781370123049

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