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THIS IS BOOK 6 IN AN 8-PART EPISODIC SERIES. Each book completes a story arc, but it includes a series cliffhanger that connects Books 1-4; And then Books 5-8.  IN BOOK 7 OF THE TOTLANDIA SERIES For the women of Totlandia, spring brings new life and emotional renewal: A big question for Bettina is whether she’ll succumb to an easy fix for her problems, or will she embrace the challenge that may lead to the financial and emotional freedom she craves; At the same time, Bettina’s mysterious disappearances are adding to Lorna’s anxieties to keep the club on an even keel up until she delivers her twins. Little does she know that a cruel trick by the power-hungry Kelly will curdle Lorna’s relationship with her mother-in-law, Eleanor; Jillian is fighting her former mother-in-law for custody of her deceased ex-husband’s infant child. The good news: Caleb has taken to his new role as über-dad with gusto. The bad news: it’s causing trouble in the Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club; As for Jade, she is given an opportunity of a lifetime to prove herself: both as an academic researcher, and as the perfect partner for her fiánce, Reggie. But will his assistant Samantha’s attentions come between them? And Brady’s quest to reunite Ally with her father may be the one thing that will tear their relationship apart; Last but not least: Top Moms are in full revolt. They know that their only hope of getting out from under Bettina’s thumb is to secure their secrets-filled files hidden deep within a sculpture to be auctioned off with the rest of her possessions. Let the bidding begin! PRAISE FOR THE TOTLANDIA SERIES: "I love a good mommy send-up as much as the next gal, and this peek into the ridiculousness of the San Francisco upper crust is delightful. Whether or not you’ve ever had the pleasure (or pain) of joining a playgroup, Brown’s tale is as charming as it is cringeworthy. I laughed, I winced, I kept scrolling.” —Romantic Times “With affairs, pending divorces, secret jobs, and unsavory pasts, each wannabe member hides something that could blow her chances for good.Like the characters in reality shows such as “Dance Moms,” the women in Pacific Heights might be over-the-top, but in the end, the best interests of their kids are (almost) always at heart. Laugh-out-loud funny and sometimes touching, the Totlandia novellas serve as the perfect quick read for busy moms or anyone looking to escape with some gossipy fun.” — "Josie Brown writes Totlandia with her usual storytelling flair. The dialogue is smooth and flowing. The characters are easy to side with or become angry with, depending on each situation. The scenery is easy to visualize. And we mustn’t forget all the sex (blushworthy, at that) and scandal that is a staple of a true Josie Brown novel. It’s like a soap opera for mommies. Guilty pleasure, anyone?" —Melissa Amster, Chick Lit Central “This book is wonderfully written and has more than just drama. There are touching moments, parts that made me laugh out loud, and as I read the story I felt like I was reading a television show!”—Divine Secrets of a Domestic Goddess "Totlandia by Josie Brown was just a real joy to read. I loved the variety of characters, the balance of funny and serious moments, and just the wacky story. I cannot wait to see what is next in the series!” —The Book CellarX “Brown did it again! She wrote a book that is both hysterical and original. She gets at the heart of motherhood and all its glory and shame! Brown loves to develop numerous characters and you sure to connect with one, if not all in some way. She makes you think, with whimsy and fun. I absolutely adore her writing and I cannot wait to drive into Book Two of this series!” —Mommy Book Nerd

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001097537736
    • ISBN:  9781942052708

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