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A three short story collection about weddings and families. Wedding Flowers: A Miss Lila’s Extraordinary Floral Shop Story Older bride Elyse thought stopping into the floral shop on a whim was a good idea. She figured that she could easily cross off “flowers” on her wedding to-do list. All the choices, though, gets her questioning what she really wants from the wedding. A 2,474 word short story featuring a magical floral shop in Atlanta, an unusual florist and a woman who held onto her dreams longer than anyone would say that she had the right to. The Dance Forty-something-year-old Melinda doesn’t need a new dad. She had a father. A very good one, thank you very much and she’s not a kid who needs an eager face in the crowd cheering her on at her dance recital. So when her stepfather-to-be Melvin asks her to participate in a dance with him for his upcoming wedding to her mother, she agrees for her mother’s sake. Because it’s something that her mom would like. She never expected anything beyond that. A 2,623- word heartwarming short story about stepparents, weddings, older brides and never being too old to welcome someone new into the family. Common Ground A Women's Fiction Short Story around 3,000 words. Sometimes you find friends in the most surprising places. Bea wants to find a wedding dress as soon as possible but when her mom gets stuck in traffic, Bea gets stuck wedding dress shopping with her future sister-in-law and perfect Southern Belle Sharon. Will Bea and Sharon ever find common ground?

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