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Whisper Me ~ Book 2: The enchanted land of Aisywel, Realm of the Faeries, is a paradise. There is no sickness and no pain, Faeries cannot lie and the weather is always pleasant. Ruled by a wise and gentle council of Elders, the Fae want for not and seek nothing outside their charmed existence…. Or so they would have you believe.Lilja, talented, beautiful and precocious has a restless heart. Her Soul gift of healing is needed little in a place of eternal health, while the animals that crave her song reside in a realm that is slowly closing to Faerie kind. Through a portal, Lilja has found a trio of sick horses, souls that are soothed and healed by her skill – a song that finds the attention of Greyson Maddox; cop, rancher and skeptic at heart.A snow storm has swept across his land, sealing Grey to his ranch with his ailing horses. So far the vet has been unable to find the cause of the mysterious illness, and tonight, alone in the middle of the whiteout, he fears he will lose one of his friends – until he hears a haunting Celtic melody wafting through the barn…. And then sees the impossible on his video monitor. A young woman, scarcely clad in a Summer shift is laying over the belly of his mare, Everstorm, arms flung over her neck and bare feet inches from her dangerous hooves. Shocked, disturbed and just left of befuddled, Grey rouses this gorgeous creature and feels his life start to change.Lilja has seen Grey before, many times at many different stages. When they were younger, before Grey lost his belief to see, they played in the fields and sang the songs of youth. Now, looking at his dark eyes set against the swirling storm, somehow Lilja knows this man…. This human… can help her. The restlessness that has dogged her steps recently has found root, and it whispers a name she can barely recall.There is danger in her realm and it has wrapped its dark tentacles around her – and around family she has never known.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000956050331
    • ISBN:  9781939061362

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