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Also available in special 3 book collection The Winning Trilogy Alexander is a rich Oil magnate with an ego the size of his bank account. Gina is the definition of jaw-dropping, but also a successful career woman with a secret closet of full of adventures and promiscuity. She somehow manages to struts her heels to the center of Alexander's dull world lighting it up with her flamboyant liveliness. The first intense somewhat humorous meeting left Alex awestruck wanting desperately with every breath in him to have her under him. That alone gave him reason to scheme his way close to her by hiring her as his Translator for a lucrative business nine month trip around Europe and South America. Alex has been taught since birth that when it comes to failure there's room on the Forester trophy shelf because a Forester is a born winner. What he does he gives a hundred, he dominates; he conquers. What he wants he gets... Excerpt: "So, you shove those names in my face, because you want to know why you can't be on the list." His mouth twisted into a sour scowl. How in the world did she manage to switch things around making him look like the fool, worst, a pathetic-desperate fool? "Shameless woman," he remarked moving his head from side to side. "Shamelessly clever, Mr. Forester," she grinned putting hands on her waist making her way to the bed where she sat. "So let me guess, you hired one of your dogs to look into me. Impressive, but my personal records are a thing of privacy." Alex drew closer to her he noticed her cool behavior. She didn't appear jilted or guilty in the least at what he had uncovered about her. Why wasn't she? Any completely sane woman would be humiliated if they had this much dirty laundry thrown in their face. "Perhaps, you haven't quite grasped the situation you are presently in, Ms. Castello." She clearly needed some reawakening to crush that spunky boldness of hers. "What is it you want from me, Alexander? My personal life has nothing to do with our arrangement here and I already told you, it's none of your concern." She crossed her bare legs. How dear she behave so sassy, so…SHAMELESS? That's it I had it, time to bring you down from whatever pedestal you're on. He calmly sat beside her and trailed his index finger over her lips. "And if it wasn't so secretive any longer? Something as scandalous as this could surely tarnish everything for you, wouldn't you agree?" He whispered slowly into her left ear. She ran her index finger on his chest. "What exactly are you saying?" She muttered in a sheepish tone. "You're fully aware my desire, Gina. It's clear. I want you in my bed." He continued whispering while circling the finger along the soft fabric covering her breast. "I'm a very powerful man. Everything I found out today can be publicized with the snap of a finger. If you'll accept my invitation you can worry about nothing being leaked." He kissed her mouth, hot and possessive, reaching into the slit of the robe.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020105333023
    • ISBN:  9781370540907
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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