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Beautiful Princess Violetta is facing the fact that the winner of her father's joust will become her husband.  For starters, her father broke his promise to let her choose her own husband.  Her two faery godsisters aren't much help. According to Fae Code, they can't make her fall in love with the handsome prince, they can only facilitate it.Prince Colin arrives undercover in the castle and immediately falls in love with the woman who shoots him with her bow and arrow. He didn't know at first that she was the princess. His mission is in danger from all sides. If/when the king discovers his true identity, he's doomed to death as a spy. If/when Violetta discovers his true identity, she probably won't believe in his love.What will happen when the truth comes out, and how will the faery godsisters facilitate a happily ever after for the Royal couple? 

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