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This is a collection of stories; therefore I am giving a brief idea of each story. 1.Save a life: Dr.Easandev felt that in accidents involving death of pregnant women, it might be possible in some cases, to save the life in the womb; he experimented and succeeded. Jagan risked his adopted daughter, who was the proof of success of Esandev’s research, in order to get Jagan’s sick mother operated. Advocate Atri revealed the whole truth in the court. 2.Sleep walker: Sleep walking is an ailment; the afflicted person, Kamala in this story, is unaware of what she did or what was done to her during such a period; it led to a lot of misunderstanding and disrupted their family. Events helped reconciliation. 3.7053: Sometimes a number like 7053 may prove embarrassing! It can also lead to a happy consequence for Murthy and Neeraja. 4.Divine justice: A greedy Kiran tried to grab the property share of Kalyani by disputing her parentage. Scientific evidence nailed her lie in the open court. 5.Save your motherland: There were many stories how earlier attempts of the Muslim conquerors were defeated; this is one such story. 6.Justice, at last! : A student was falsely accused of cheating in the examination; finally he obtained justice through the court. 7.‘Beware of thieves’: As thefts in trains increased, the Indian Railways displayed notices in the compartments warning the passengers. This story describes how a high-class thief was caught. 8.A portrait of Jesus Christ: A person built an apartment building on the land on which a dilapidated Church stood. He was unable to sell any apartment till he purchased a portrait of Jesus Christ and housed it in the showcase of his apartment in the same building. 9.Marriages are made in heaven: A train accident threw two strangers Sankar and Chandrika, together. She mistook him for her husband Vineet. Later, Sankar tried to correct her mistake. After some discussion, they reconciled to their destiny and continued to live together. 10.A Deepavali gift: Some people like Murthy, are prejudiced against Birth-Control operation because they fear loss of potancy due to the operation. After the operation he failed to perform! Happiness disappeared from their family. Neeraja, a friend of his wife cleverly restored his self-confidence abd potency. 11.The Principal is a coward: The students demanded their Principal Murthy to fulfil their demands; their leader threatened Murthy and went out triumphantly. He tried to molest a bull which was chasing a cow. The bull turned against the leader furiously. Murthy saved the leader. 12.Keys in the car: During his sleep, Indever used to see visions which used to come true somewhere within the next three days but could not save any life. Finally, he was able to help save a victim. 13.What a marriage: There was a limit of tolerance even for a docile daughter-in-law like Rukmini; when the limit was crossed, she eloped with Kistudu during a marriage. 14.No vacancy: Some persons like Marali are proud of their beauty and expect the rest of the world to accord them primacy in all matters but life has its own norms. She divorced her husband in haste and realized that opportunities don’t keep waiting for anyone. 15.Mangamma’s prowess: Some people like Mangamma profit by fooling gullible public. Can you blame Janaki for adopting the same path when her husband Rameswar was making merry with another woman? 16.Awakening: It is time that in the context of marriages, persons should be judged by their characters rather than by their parentage. Caste does not have much relevance these days. 17.The umbrella: After ‘Vanamahotsava’ a school girl forgot her umbrella at the bus shelter; Vasu noticed it and wondered how it may be restored to the owner. A thoughtful student’s bold action helped its restoration to the owner.

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