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One scandal happened in the Italian National Television. RAI RADIO TELEVISIONE ITALIANA. A female journalist of the Daily TV News used to court a subscriber only virtually during the TV News. For two years and a half, she always accepted the presents of her courter man.  She also used to wear the presents that he gave her, during the TV News. Oddly, she never wanted to meet the man that was courting her during that period. She used to court him only virtually during the TV News showing him that she was wearing his presents. And she never told anybody about this virtual courting that she was doing. Her colleagues and the Board of the Italian National television never were informed about this scandal. So one day the man that was courting this journalist informed the Board of the Italian National Television about this scandal. After that, the Board of the Italian National Television took provisions against the journalist. She never read the TV News anymore on live television. But the Board of the Italian National Television is censuring this scandal to the public opinion. The man that used to court the journalist is the author of this book, Mr. Paolo Tonelli, from Venice, Italy. In this book the author talks about two scandals that happened in the Vatican.  The author of this book, Mr.Paolo Tonelli was born in South Africa. He also has Italian origins.  Paolo Tonelli lived in South Africa during the apartheid. In that period the Vatican was racist in South Africa against the black population. In the book there are some pictures where you can see the racist actions that the Vatican used to carry against the black population. It been more than 20 years since Mr. Tonelli have tried to inform the public opinion in Italy, that the Vatican was racist in South Africa but the Italian journalists have always censored Mr. Tonelli. Another scandal in this book talks about the question of the orphans of one parent that are forced to have a new parent and maybe a new parent that is a criminal, a drug dealer, or a terrorist.  This happens when the widow parent of the orphans gets married for a second time with catholic religion and civil law. Tonelli asked an audience in the Vatican with Pope Francisco but from the Vatican they informed Mr. Tonelli that they don't want to receive him in the Vatican to talk about the above catholic scandals. It's been 23 years that Mr. Tonelli is censored in Italy by the Italian press on regards of these scandals.

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