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Blurb- Sophie has had it bad for her neighbor and best friend Todd Baxter for a long time. But she knows he’s out of her league. One night of too much wine, chocolate and old movies lead to a serious make-out session that he abruptly puts a halt to. Instead he asks her out on a date and takes her to Diamond a night club that caters to BBW’s and the men who love them. The surprises don’t’ stop there because Todd has another little secret. He enjoys spanking and is determined to give Sophie the night of her life and show her exactly what he likes. This 7400+ word count contains adult content, hot sex, an ever hotter best friend and lots of spanking. Sample- “Hey, wake up sleepy head. The movies over.” She turned and pressed his chest gently. “Huh what?” “I said the movie is over.” “Okay.” He yawned. He grasped her shoulders, leaned in and kissed her. A sweet and gentle touch of his lips to hers. When she returned the caress he opened his mouth and moved his tongue deep into her mouth. He pushed her back against the cushions continuing the kiss. She kissed him back as fiercely as she could. He tasted like wine and pepperoni pizza and something else. He teased and tasted her over and over again. Flicking the tip of his tongue along her lips. She didn’t know what had gotten into Todd but she wasn’t about to complain. The press of his lips to hers didn’t give way to thinking clearly. The only thing that came to mind was more. She wanted him naked and grinding her so bad… she grabbed the bottom of his shirt ready to yank it over his head. “Stop.” He said gently holding her hand still. “We can’t do this.” It would have been kinder to douse her in ice water. She felt her face burn and covered her mouth with her hand. Todd sat up taking her hand. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s not that I don’t want to. Just not this way. We’ve both had too much to drink and you had an emotional hiccup today. There are things about me that you’re not privy to and when we make love I want you to be fully aware.” His blue eyes no longer held the fog of sleep and he was gazing intently at her. He stroked her cheek. “Don’t look so shocked. Let me show you how much fun we can really have. Come out with me tomorrow.”  

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2014
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000177311556
    • ISBN:  1230000098796
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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