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I want to clarify from this earlier point that, what God will be raising with you in this material is not just mere information, but a practical experience you need to have. I am trusting God that He will grant the experience of what He will raise with you to whoever read this material. In this chapter, we would specifically examine what is called “Circumcision.” The moment a man return to God, He need to effect certain work (operation) in the person’s life; which will enable the person to willfully obey Him throughout his life time. This particular operation I am talking about will make you to render willful services to our God. Not only this, the experience of what you are about reading will make you keep God’s covenant and words jealously. It will make it easy for you to obey God.Traditionally, circumcision is surgical removal of the foreskin of the male reproductive organ. In Bible times, the Jews received the rite from God through Abraham (Gensis17), and Moses later set it as a national ordinance. Bible records also bear it that Joshua carried this particular rite outon all male Israelite before they enter the promise land (Joshua 5). Circumcision began as an ancient tribal or religious rite. Today, this minor operation is performed on the eight dayofthe male child’s birth.My dear friend, you need to get me right here, I believe that every redeemed soul is saved to serve. Sure, the moment a man return to God genuinely he or she is legible to serve God. But there is a matter that all saved souls need to give attention to; there is a matter that could even make God to want to take your life while trying to serve Him. That matter is that of CIRCUMCISION.Before any saved soul could serve God according to the kingdom principle; the person need to seek Him for the practical experience of spiritual circumcision. For the moment Zipporah circumcised her son, God permitted Moses to enter into the assignment He called Him for. This shows that circumcision is a serious issue with God. It is a matter that God can never play with. God does not play with it; because it is a sign of covenant between Him and His people.Circumcision is a serious matter that we must seek God to effect in our lives if we would render acceptable sacrifice to Him. Likewise, if you want obeying God to be easy for you, your hearts indeed need to be circumcised. Obeying God is always tedious when one has not experienced the circumcision of the heart. Besides, God will not even depend on anyone who has not permitted Him to cut away the first skin of his heart.Beloved, do you now discover that it is a dangerous thing for a sinner to be serving the living God; in as much God will not even permit any of His child who is yet to experience circumcision to serve him. Putting yourself into any of the kingdom service when your life is not yet approved by God is dangerous.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
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    • ISBN:  9781310986970

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