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Erin never thought life could get any harder, being in eighth grade. She tried to convince her mom she had a split personality, but her mom denied it all. The meanest of friends are in her life, and she thought that would cause her to have another personality. Her crush, Tommy, never really noticed her before, not until the real personality did came along just when Erin was beginning to think she may just be an average teenage girl. Anne was strong, loud, and opposite of Erin. She wasnt afraid to do or say what was on her mind. Erin noticed things happening to her life she didnt understand. She blacked out a lot, and people told her thinkgs she couldnt remember doing. Erin actually found herself becoming closer to Tommy, and although she didnt understand why, she could care less. Erins friends were vanishing before her very eyes as well. She could feel the tension around them, and learned she wasnt friends with them anymore. The only one who stuck around with her was Tyler, who was trying to figure out what happened to Erin. When the truth was revealed, Erin went into shock and hid her face from the world. Only Tommy and Anne could bring her back if that was even possible. The thing Erin knew was that she was right. Erin always had to be right, and no matter what, she knew her mom had been wrong all along. She did have a split personality, but her greatest challenge is getting over her shyness, her abusive friends, and life as she knew it. Writing this story took about a year, maybe a little longer than that, because I took a break from writing it. It was fun to write though, because it relates to what my life was almost like in eighth grade. Of course, none of that actually happened to me or anyone else. The character, Erin, is based off of myself though, shy, quiet to some people, having a crush on someone. Anne is just a cool girl anyone would love to meet, as long as they arent on her bad side. She could beat nearly anyone up, although it wouldnt seem like it at first glance. Erin is just invisible to others, not really seen until Anne showed up. When Anne would tell people to call her Anne, it was obvious for someone to be confused or freaked out that she was going off another name other than Erin, because they thought it was Erin. Tommy is just a cute boy in Erins eyes, that has had a crush on her for a while. He never noticed her much until well, until Anne showed up! When he heard about what she did to Heidi, and how she back-stabbed her and the others, he didnt think they were talking about the same person. Thats how unbelievable it was that Erin and Anne were the same person in a way. I liked Tyler the most, because she resembles one of my friends, shes smart, and almost just like the character. In the story Tyler and Erin seem closer than everyone else, but it isnt really like that for my friend and me. This story came into my mind after I learned that a split personality isnt just something you read in a fantasy book, but its a real mental issue in the world. I found it interesting and so I decided to write about a girl who has problems at home, but mostly a problem with her harsh friends. Anne is just the personality that made her who she finally is, and wanted to be. This is something written for any modern day person who understands, or wants to understand, what its like to be alone in the world, and soon find what you need to pick yourself up and move on. I know there is many people out there who knows what its like to be alone, and have no friends, and I really want this story to get those people to be positive and keep moving forward, and never give up. Or for anyone who can relate in any way to this story I guess, then I hope they really enjoy it. A story where a girl faces what she knew all along to be a split personality, but was ignored her request of friendship and knowledge. A sort of romance, of some kind, where the two are pushed together by a third person, and e

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    • Ano de Edição: 2010
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020101531539
    • ISBN:  9781462807246

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