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Meaning 1 Every 7 years every human reaches a new level or grows up, whatever you call it. I shall name it simply- Stage. 1st Stage started from the day new human had been born till seven years old. Knows how to read, write, basic communication and self-expression skills. 2d Stage starting at the age of 7-14. A human almost an adult but not yet a Person is still in a process of self-education. 3d Stage starting at the age of 14-21. A grown up young specialist, an adult, graduate at any level, might be employed already. 4th Stage starting at the age of 21-28. Well organized, well-educated intelligent individual. A human being who is ready to accomplish any complex multitasking. Financially independent and successful at any filed of operation. Alice as a normal person currently supposed to be at the stage 4. But she is committing her own experiments; she is breaking the system, following her own rules taking into consideration the fact that she had been guided by the Law Enforcement in a very positive and educative direction only. In her own opinion she calls communication with cops as a priceless experience towards her dream to join them officially. Meaning 2 Spiritual self- development. Alice the main character was suffering from artificially or consciously developed dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder in order to be able to process and analyze various situations in critical conditions intuitively. Alice Lentesco- logic, conscious mind. Margaret Mason- the intelligence, super conscious mind. Aria Agape- love, memory, subconscious mind. Aya Sophia- spirituality. Alice was signed to “SSIP” (secret service intelligence program) within the Rice University’s Complex Team Training laboratory and was under an experimental observation which included hypnosis that helped to enter her dream space in order to get an access of her unconscious mind in training purposes. The goal of the experimental program was concentrated on preparing and providing an inexperienced specialist with necessary informative skills in objective problem solving or “thinking in different biochemical states in real world conditions”. Training Training within the dream, multiple dreaming, multiple tasking and problem solving letting the subject to construct her own reality of the events based on the information hold by her subconscious and super conscious mind. The decision making process in compliance with the variable change theory that had been used and further developed in the "game theory" or "Nash equilibrium".

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121592656
    • ISBN:  9781301256020

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