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JQmma herself, who, before her marriage, some years previously, was a pretty girl of eighteen, a maid in my father's house. Being of a generous and affectionate nature, she had been no niggard with her charms, and many a time as a boy of fourteen she had let me creep into her bed, or she had come to mine and had let me revel to my heart's content in her glorious golden-haired cunt. She did not get my maidenhead. That had been taken when I was about ten by my young nurse, a pretty girl of seven- teen, of whom I was very fond. She used to bathe me, and I know now that she always paid special at- tention to my little penis, always pulling back the foreskin to wash the glans, and Otherwise manipul- ating it so that I always had an erection before she was though. She used to laugh and joke about what I called my "thing" and told me to call it my prick or my penis. She also told me that when it swelled up so big I "had a hard on." I soon grew to like hav- ing her play with my penis, and when we were alone together at Other times that when I was taking my bath, I used to ask her to give me "a hard on," and she would take me on her lap, take out my little penis and work it up until it stood very proud and hard. But I didn't know anything to do with it after it was in that condition, nor did it occur to me in- vestigate or evn wonder about what Jennie had be- tween her legs. Nevertheless, I was soon to find out. One day we had been out for a walk in the woods together. We had sat down on the grass. I lay with my head in her lap, and she unbuttoned my little trousers and began to play with my penis, and soon had it standing very erect. "Oh, Harry, dear boy," she said, "what a sweet little prick you have , and to think that you have never used it!" "How do you mean 'never used it?' I use it to piss with." "Yes, I know. But it has Other uses. If I only dared I would teach you what they are. If I only knew you wouldn't tell

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000172555108
    • ISBN:  9781465531285

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