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The whole world is shocked when an underground group, known only as "SurvivorS", start attacking Holisticorp sites. SurvivorS claim that Holisticorp's Nobel prize winning owner, Martha English, has secretly released a virus to identify those she has deemed substandard and intends to clone all who become ill. Oak Madoc is unconvinced; since Martha devised her plan to save Earth's failing ecosystem, many considered her the world's sainted saviour. Oak dismisses SurvivorS' claims as conspiracy theory and their attacks as industrial espionage but the odd behaviour of a close friend raises his suspicions and Oak’s on-line comments bring him to SurvivorS' attention. Oak nervously joins the fray but, as each new Survivor he meets tells of their extreme personal experiences at the hands of Martha’s minions, he quickly gains confidence in his decision. With each new mission Oak learns more about Martha’s atrocities against humanity and is soon convinced saint Martha's project is the most insidious and terrifying threat ever to face humanity. But is Martha the real threat? An incessantly gritty, witty epic, 21 Days in May follows a team of strong but inherently human characters whose emotional stories of trauma and triumph are woven through thrilling missions as they wage urban guerrilla war against Holisticorp Extrapolated from our present social, environmental and medical circumstances, 21 Days in May is a powerful, sinister and topical thriller set against the dramatic backdrop of an increasingly totalitarian federal Europe and a world suffering the consequences of endemic genetic manipulation. The explosive and surprising final confrontation reveals twists appropriate to the double helical subject matter but the conclusion of this edge-of-your-seat adventure is not the end of the reader’s journey; 21 Days in May is an unusual experience with a disturbing afterglow. Is 21 Days in May merely an entertaining flight of fancy; a ripping yarn, where you never know what’s coming next? Or, does it deliver a believably insightful, prophetic warning that raises the topic of human genetics to an issue of personal concern, shredding our fragile, traditional view of morality and leaving readers truly fearful that we will not survive the genetic minefield of our very likely, imminent, nightmare near-future? One could answer “you must decide for yourself” but 21 Days in May is the story of a future that is all too possible; it exudes a plausible truth that could easily be our future, so decision is not required and only time will tell. Genetic manipulation is already reality. Scared? You really should be. Previously published and available as paperback with the title : Necrolysis

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121539231
    • ISBN:  9781301195954

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