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It had taken several years in planning. Now, the time had arrived to take over the country. Ann Wilder, a twenty-nine years old blue eyed woman, was sitting in her garden when her neighbor Alex Grow, eighty-three, came and asked if she had heard the news. "No, the news upsets me. I rarely listen to it. Something special happening?" "Yes Mrs. Wilder, someone tried to steal a truckload of rifles, but they missed, someone had informed the police, and they were ready." "Would you like a cup of coffee? And please call me Ann." while drinking the coffee, Alex took up a talisman from his pocket, and handed it to Ann. "I got this when I was nineteen years old from an old woman. She said I could wish for anything, but not gold or money." then Alex handed it to Ann. "I wished that the war would end, and it did. Now Im so old, but you and your husband are young. I would like you to have it." At the same time a military unit of several thousand man took over Mac Dill air-force base at Tampa Florida. The local leader, General Garry Holm had with General Strong of Mac Dill. The entire area was now under martial law. All business in the area had to obey, or get out of business. The federal government had a meeting with Pentagon, and it was decided that a military line would be put up north of Ocala in Florida. A heavy fortification was set up to stop the rough generals. No news was given to the citizens of the area, and as several of the local population helped the rough generals, you had to be careful what you said in the stores when you went shopping. As Ann Wilder was pregnant, she was deeply concerned when Bruce told her that another few of his work buddies had lost their jobs. Then she thought about the talisman Alex Grow had given her. Taking it in her hands, and holding it high up she with a loud voice said. "I wish that everyone that is in any way working with these rough generals, is getting their asses burnt wherever they are hiding. In the clear sky, thunder clouds started to appear. All the military, and private citizens that had worked with the generals were hit by the lightnings, and Alex talisman had done what was needed.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038410357
    • ISBN:  9781311949790

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