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Burt Jones is a car-salesman,he is the top performer not only in the state, even nationally. Coming home to his wife Mary, he tells her about the car he had won, and add that it is our most expensive model, and I won it. Mary standing in the kitchen didn't show any interest at all. So Burt repeated what he said. Bur Mary kept stirring in her pot.I'm telling you it is our most expensive model, it sells for over fifty thousand dollar, and you just keep stirring in your pot. Mary looked up at Burt, if you keeps stirring the food, I can have a look at your new toy. Same as when we bought this house, he thought, she said you only live there, make children, sleep, can do that anywhere, in an apartment or in a RV. That woman is impossible to pleas. Their daughter Cindy stayed with grandma as often as she could because of the cold atmosphere at home. A few days later when Burt was delivering a new car to a customer, he at the center of town, saw Mary with another man, and they were kissing, openly in front of everybody. Coming home this day, Burt confronted Mary and asked why she was kissing this man openly for anyone to see. So you saw me kissing Gary, big deal. We have been together for a year, even Cindy likes him. And Burt if I have another child, Gary is the father. Burt couldn't believe his ears, tomorrow Mary I am putting in for a divorce. Thanks for telling me Burt, forewarned is good, and Gary is a lawyer, we have been looking through a divorce with a fine tooth comb, no way you can win. The following day, Burt went up to his works lawyers, and told them what Mary had said. Take your wife on a cruise, and while you are away we will check out this Gary to see which way would be the best to attack the problem. Burt when he came home asked if Mary would like to go on a cruise. She said yes, and after telling Gary about the cruise, he said it was a good plan, and use as much of his money as you can. The cruise turned out to be what they both needed, and they were both sorry when it was over. Meeting his lawyers at work, they told him that your wife's lawyer Gary has been paying two different people a large sum of money, and in our opinion, he is planning your demise. So what can I do? You have to sleep in the office, or home with one of us until the local police and FBI have perused all the information we sent them. Gary had to spend some years in prison, and he was disbarred,

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038396026
    • ISBN:  9781311240231

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