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Barbara Jones was sitting out by her pool. She loved it out here, and when she needed to solve a problem this was the place she always choose this place. Now her problem is that she wants the promotion at work for the new department. However, the company doesnt choose by experience, or knowledge. They only look at how long you have been with the company. Now both Lorna and Betty Blanch has been with the company longer than I have. Now she is phoning up her brother Bruce, and she let him know how Betty looks like and tells him that she is going to the local pub tonight. Bruce goes down to the pub, and sees this petite red headed woman. He walks up and ask if he could buy her a drink. Yes of course she answers as she looks at this quite handsome man, and tell him that she prefers champagne. Bruce order a glass of champagne for Betty and a glass of red wine for himself. After a short while he pays for the two drinks and ask if Betty is ready to go home. No thank you, Ill stay for another moment. As Betty said this, she starts to look around the pub. One man sitt6ing by a table sees her looking, and walks up to her and ask if he can invite her to his table. Yes of course, she answer and follow him to his table. Sitting down he tells Betty that his name is Rick Larson, and he would like to order her a drink. Well my name is Betty Blanch, she said and tells him that she prefer Champagne. Rick order a bottle of champagne for Betty, and a glass of liquor for himself. They talk for a long time, and after a few hours he tells her it is time to leave. Should I order you a taxi? None of us should be driving a car tonight. I live only a few minutes walk from here, and it is a nice night. I would like to walk home. Betty walks home, and when she is to put her key into the door, Bruce Jones comes out from behind some bushes. Took you some time to get home slut he said and covered her mouth with one hand and drag her to the door with the other. A man comes running from across the street. Let go of Miss Blanch and lay down on the grass. It was Rick Larson that had been following Betty, and Bruce when he noticed that Bruce was following Betty. Rick pulled out a gun from under his west, and a pair of cuffs. Bruce Jones I arrest you for the killing of Lorna Smith that he raped and killed some time ago. I am a FBI agent. One police car pulled up and took care of Bruce Jones. Rick looked at Betty and said. You should be safe for tonight, as it is Friday today, would you like to come with my boat tomorrow? It is a big boat. Youll love it. Betty the following morning accepted the boat excursion, and was picked up by Rick. His boat was huge, it could be sailed, or driven with a large engine. Betty enjoyed the time on the boat, but towards the evening they were back by the jetty. Rick followed her home, and she thanked Rick for a pleasant evening. Barbara was sitting at home, waiting for Bruce to come home. Suddenly she heard some noise from the back. She took out the gun Bruce had given her and carefully went to the back of the house. It was Bruce coming home. The cops took me, and I had to spend the night in a holding cell. When one of the pigs cam with my breakfast, I knocked him out and escaped. They will be here soon, I have to leave. I am going back to Betty Blanch, her body belongs to me, and no police men or FBI agents are going to stop me. The two drove over to Bettys house, when they came there they saw the FBI guys car in front. Lets take both of them said Barbara and as Bruce agreed they walked up to the front door, Bruce knocked hard, and they could hear someone opening the door. It was Rick Larson, he stood there with his big gun, and as Barbara was holding a gun, she was the first to die, the next bullet finished Bruce. Turning to Betty Rick said. If you retire from work, you can live permanently on the boat. Would you like that? Yes my love, was her answer.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038398211
    • ISBN:  9781310040863

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