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One astronomer in California made an alarming discovery. A meteorite several miles in diameter was coming straight at us. After several options had been used, both part of the government agreed that the largest H-bomb ever manufactured should be put on a rocket and sent to obliterate, or deflect this mountain in the sky. A radar should be ignite the bomb when it was one mile from the meteorite. As the two, the rocket and the meteorite were both traveling at high speed, the combined speed was enormous. The first news was of a total success. the bomb had detonated at the right distance. A few days after another astronomer also from California sent out a new alarming discovery to the news media. The mountain in the sky had not been obliterated, it had been cut down to several hundred smaller meteorites. The size of a car to a large bus. They would arrive at the same time as the original would have done, a few miles north of Midway Island in the Pacific. From there it would keep falling for almost two days. Hitting Japan, and every country that is between 30 degrees north to 50 degrees north. The first part of these meteorites would start to fall close to noon and continue for almost two days. The first large meteorite that will fall at Midway Island, will start a tsunami, That will hit Japan after the meteorites has hit, The meteorites will start several fires, and what the meteorites and the fire hasn't destroyed the tsunami will. About sixteen hours later, the first of these huge stones will start to hit US. One large meteorite exploded right above central Park, and destroyed every building around the park. The crime waves that started were enormous. Every criminal person were our working overtime. We had more bank-robberies, rapes, murders and mugging plus other crimes in a few days than we normally would have in a year. Martial laws had to be introduced. As the falling meteorites were radioactive from the blast of the big H-bomb, people tried to get north or south of the 30 degrees north and fifty degrees north to escape the radioactivity. Several smaller wars started in Africa and Asia. When the total tally was counted, half of Earth's population had died from the meteorite, the radioactivity or the wars before a full peace was restored.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038409887
    • ISBN:  9781311123718

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