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In On My Honor, Samantha Lawton, recently separated, is raising two sons by herself. Fortunately, they're in Boy Scouts, and, with no father in the house, she is glad they have positive male role models. After a series of fatal accidents, however, she starts having second thoughts—and these second thoughts grow stronger after a Scout is seen in the area of another "accident." Determined to protect her children by getting to the bottom of things, Samantha soon finds herself in trouble. But she is not the only one concerned. Henry Ax, the chief of police, has also noticed what's been going on, but he's not so worried about protecting the Boy Scouts—he's afraid that they might be the ones causing the accidents. Samantha has to learn who is doing this before her own sons end up as suspects—or, worse, before they end up victims themselves. And in the short story, "Steak Tartare," a theater manager with an eye for another man's wife is invited to a very special dinner—one he'll never forget for the rest of his life.

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