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The Garden of Evil is a novel highlighting the threat of food-borne bioterrorism. Based on cutting-edge science, the terrorist finds a way to incorporate a deadly poison directly into growing vegetables. Dr. Holmes tells an exciting and realistically frightening story of domestic terrorism that'll leave you hanging on the edge of your seat, keep you awake at night, and turning the pages to the end! Great read! \--Travis Taylor, author of science fiction thrillers Dr Holmes' newest novel is a modern day cat and mouse, no...cobra and mongoose investigation, with the stakes more personal and deadly as the adversaries find themselves continually within striking distance. The weapon is one of man's most basic needs: food. --John Sylvester, The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Chris Holmes has an uncanny ability to weave together the hard sciences (epidemiology) and the soft sciences (behavior). The Garden of evil is a work of fiction but one so close to the possible that the DHS, FBI or the techno-thriller aficionado should not ignore it. ~ William Tafoya, Ph.D. National Security Program, University of New Haven Once J. Franklin (don't call him Frank) got a taste of murder, he wanted more. The mad man lived on an old isolated farmstead. He needed privacy to put his diabolical plan in action. The biology teacher at the local college felt unappreciated. However, he knew how to get revenge. J. Franklin grew special plants in his greenhouse, cabbages with a special purpose. When the biology department held a potluck dinner, Franklin served his special coleslaw. When faculty members became ill, their physicians assumed it was a virus or simple food poisoning. Franklin's special recipe was anything but simple. His secret ingredients were deadly. Dr. Gil Martin realized someone purposely poisoned the biology department. Gil and his wife, Tara- a Public Health Officer, and Detective Brian Flaherty worked closely in the investigation. It becomes personal when Franklin targets Gil and Tara. Dr. Chris Holmes, a physician epidemiologist, brings his great expertise to his thriller The Garden Of Evil. I may never look at coleslaw the same. Fans will remember Gil and Tara from Holmes book The Medusa Strain. It has been interesting watching Gil and Tara mature. Holmes demonstrates the stress of the medical field. Neither Gil nor Tara is perfect. Both have weaknesses and face temptation. Holmes hints at the childhood that creates the monster serial killer, Franklin. I have always enjoyed medical thrillers. The Garden Of Evil did not disappoint me. I am usually a fast reader, but I took my time on this book; I wanted to savor the suspense. Chris Holmes has quickly become one of my favorite authors. ~ Debra Gaynor, Review Your Book What if natural poisons like ricin or anthrax could be tilled into the soil and thereby increase and spread their toxicity to other "organic" veggies? In this potent thriller by epidemiologist Chris Holmes, they can. And this is no joke, no put on, no over-active imagination on overdrive. The Garden of Evil has a scary plot, one all too possible. This book will keep you up at night and poses the question: How well do you know your neighbor? ~ Ben F. Small, Author

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020101944162
    • ISBN:  9781301659173

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