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Dave Maddoxs dreams came to an abrupt halt when he had a serious automobile accident as he and his new bride Carol travelled to their honeymoon the day before Christmas. Carol had critical injuries and finally died of her injuries. This was devastating to Dave. He could only see an empty life, stretching endlessly – no wife, no home, no love, no happiness. He had especially bitter feelings towards Christmas since his accident happened the day before Christmas.While hospitalized, Dave observed that one of the nurses, Jennie Taylor, was very likable, caring, and wonderful with Carol. He also noticed that she prayed with Carol every day. After Carol died, Jennie had told Dave, “If I dont see you anymore, I will be praying for you”.Even though Dave attempted to go on with his life, his grief continued and his life continued to spiral further out of control. After Dave had gone to Joes Bar, he woke up in jail and was told that he was found sitting on the curb bawling his heart out about “Carol”. Subsequently, when at the drug store, he ran into Jennie and asked her to call him sometime.Daves lifestyle contributed to health issues and Dave was admitted to the hospital where Jennie worked. While in the hospital, he asked about Jennie but she was out sick at the time. He was very distraught that his life had gone “out of control”. When Rev. Smith, Jennys pastor, came to visit Dave at the hospital, with Rev. Smiths encouragement, Dave repented of his sins and accepted Christ.When Dave later called Jennies number to check on her, her mother answered and informed Dave that Jenny was in the hospital. When visiting her there, he told Jenny about Rev. Smiths visit to the hospital and his religious conversion. After Jennies release from the hospital, they went on several dates. After several weeks, he proposed to her and she accepted. They later married in a quiet ceremony.As time went on, Jennie wanted to become more involved in activities that allowed her to witness for God. Dave, however, would not allow her to get involved in activities outside of the home. Dave began to stray from God and admitted to spiritual defeat. Meanwhile, Jennie became pregnant and gave birth to their beautiful daughter Joan. Daves condition continued to worsen and he finally left the family.One day, Rev. Smith and his wife showed up to tell Jennie that Dave had been in a car wreck. Jennie went to the hospital and subsequently discovered that Dave was in the car with another woman that he had picked up at a bar – both were drunk at the time of the accident. When Jennie was very forgiving, although Dave had spurned Gods love, Dave expressed to Jennie that he was “sick and tired” of the life he had lived and the grief he had caused Jennie and Joan. This led to Dave repenting again for his transgressions. He told Jennie that he would no longer hinder her from doing Gods work.Dave returned home with Jennie and Joan shortly before Christmas. After a while, after Joan complained of a headache, she became very ill and had to be hospitalized. Jenny wondered if this was Gods way of allowing Dave to realize the importance of achieving a fully sanctified Christian experience. Dave later left to go to a little roadside church to ask God to help him achieve this complete Christian experience. When Dave returned, he was apologetic for the way he had caused Jennie and Joan to suffer. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Spinks came in the room to tell Joan and Dave that Joan seemed to have recovered. In fact, he shared, that she had recovered much faster that he expected. He said he had no hope for recovery when she first came to the hospital.Meanwhile, sounds of “Silent Night, Holy Night” were coming from the hospital corridor. With his prior disdain for Chistmas, he knew then that he had indeed survived his passage “through troubled waters” and had finally obtained a full lasting Christian experience.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001072340771
    • ISBN:  9781370715633

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