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    Produto em pré-venda
    Lançamento previsto: 19/03/2020


    What if the last day you will always remember is today? Emma and Jonathan meet for the first time today, the morning of their twenty-third birthdays. She's gawky and wears hideous orange-and-green socks. He's cute, whimsical and recites obscure poetry. They fall in love. There's a small problem. What happens today, both good and bad, will stay with them for the rest of their lives. From tomorrow onwards, all new memories will be regularly erased by sleep. Today's the last day they will always remember. It gets worse. Emma's housemate Liz has gone missing and her boyfriend, aspiring detective Hans Richardson, has just one day to solve her case... but he doesn't know it. TODAY is a story of seized - and missed - opportunities. It's a tale of love, hope and regret. Can Hans find Liz? Can Emma and Jonathan seize the day, make the right memories to last them a lifetime? Can they work out what love is all about... before it's too late? Felicia Yap brings you the hotly anticipated prequel to YESTERDAY, the high-concept thriller sensation of 2017. 'Yap is a phenomenon' - Guardian 'A thrilling new voice' - Red 'The one that everyone is talking about... Enthralling' - Woman & Home 'A blockbuster-worthy twist... YESTERDAY stands out from the crowd' - Stylist 'The intrigue of GONE GIRL and the drama of BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP - iNews

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