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A mother of two tries to be supportive of her husband who, unable to rise in business as he believes he should, becomes a martinet at homethe only place where he has any control. When an unexpected third pregnancy occurs, Barbara is thrilled, but her husband is furious and tries to force her to have an abortion. She refuses, but when she is in her third trimester, she falls down a long staircase and loses the child, experiencing massive injuries to herself. During the pregnancy, the husband has told everyone that he wants the baby, but that she doesnt want the bother of a third child. An inexperienced intern at the hospital believes the husband when he insists that his wife has tried to kill herself and the baby and that she is mad. She is sent to a sanitarium before she is fully recovered and is ill treated there with a little financial encouragement from the husband. Finally a new doctor comes who believes her assertion that she was deliberately pushed down the stairs and helps her control her situation so she can get out of the hospital. While she was locked up with no visitors allowed, her uncle, an attorney, who heard her say she was pushed, looked into the situation with a detective friend to find out the truth on what happened to Barbara. Who pushed Barbara? Who kidnapped her two children and told the police that she had done it? How can she get her life back together and protect her children?

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