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Was Vlad the Impaler the inspiration for Bram Stoker's novel Dracula? No! Did Stoker write about Transylvania from first-hand experience? No! Has the model for Count Dracula's castle been found? No! Must Count Dracula stay out of the sunlight? Absolutely not! Literary sleuth Elizabeth Miller exposes these and numerous other popular distortions and fabrications that have plagued our understanding of Stoker and his famous novel. Where is this nonsense coming from? This book will tell you, as literary sleuth Elizabeth Miller challenges dozens of popular misconceptions, distortions and fabrications about Bram Stoker and his famous novel. There are 16 titles in the Desert Island Dracula Library (ISBNs refer to the print editions:Dracula: The Shade and the Shadow (ISBN 978-1-874287-10-0)Dracula: Sense & Nonsense (ISBN 978-1-905328-15-4)Dracula: The Novel and the Legend (3rd Ed) (978-1-874287-44-5)The Origins of Dracula (978-1-874287-07-0)Dracula Unearthed (annotated) (ISBN 978-1-905328-14-7)The Primrose Path (978-1-874287-21-6)The Shoulder of Shasta (annotated) (978-1-874287-30-8)The Jewel of Seven Stars (annotated) (978-1-874287-08-7)The Lady of The Shroud (annotated) (978-1-874287-22-3)Lady Athlyne (annotated) (978-1-905328-31-4)Snowbound (annotated) (978-1-874287-29-2)A Glimpse of America (978-1-874287-35-3)Mayos On the Truths of Popular Superstition (978-1-874287-69-8)Bram Stoker: A Bibliography (978-1-874287-75-9)Calmets Treatise on Vampires and Revenants (978-1-874287-06-3Troublesome Corpses: Vampires and Revenants from Antiquity to the Present (978-1-905328-30-7)

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