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About Say It Like It Is. Over the course of the past fifty years, Political Correctness has morphed from a social nicety to a national enforcement of stupidity. Due to political correctness, common sense has become less important in our society than the need to be hypersensitive to each and every group of minorities within our borders. Liberals have worked slowly but steadily to promote and further the asinine concept of political correctness and have been successful in implementing it. We are so sensitive these days that the mere mention of a nationality or a particular behavior has people gasping and whispering words like bigot, hateful and intolerant. As a society, weve forgotten how to speak to one another in a truthful and direct manner. As a result, we have countless Interpretational breakdowns or Misunderstandings on a personal, professional and political basis every day. These Misunderstandings, as Liberals call them, are the result of our inability to actually convey our thoughts and intentions in a direct and non-politically correct manner. Sensitivity to the most mundane and insignificant aspects of life has turned Americans into a weak and litigious people who are neither respected nor respectable. Few people in our country actually have the inner fortitude to ignore the Liberals rules regarding speech and Appropriate topics, and actually, Say it like it is. I hope to point out how accustomed weve become to political correctness and how completely asinine the whole thing really is. Political correctness is the best example of what happens when Liberals work to gradually normalize and institute a concept that has had nothing but detrimental affects on our country. Where has political correctness led us? Its no longer acceptable to call the Chinese, Chinese. We cant refer to a Black man as a Black man. The word criminal should no longer be used to describe an individual who breaks the law. Pride in America is far less PC than an animosity toward it. No blame can be put on those who choose to act in an unacceptable manner. Weve been trained to think of wealthy people as bad individuals and poor people as victims. Armed conflict is no longer seen as the protection of our way of life as much as it is seen as an attempt on the part of our evil leaders to conquer and occupy foreign lands. Political correctness teaches us Tolerance and Diversity, and we can see where that has led us. The teaching of manners and discipline to our children are foreign concepts to todays parents. What used to be black and white is now a fuzzy shade of gray. Obvious facts are now extensively debated. And common sensejust take a look around. Our society is inundated with news stories of atrocious behavior. Rapes and murders and school shootings, molestation, terrorism and hatred toward our country by its own citizens are all crops were currently reaping. Its to be expected after sowing the seeds of political correctness for half a century. Take some time to think about what weve been conditioned to think and how weve been trained to talk. This is a perfect example of the implementation of liberalism on American society. Its not good. Its destroying our strength and our unity. Its very likely to destroy more than that. Its time to ignore political correctness and just say it like it is.

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