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“We interrupt this program to announce—we are at war.” ?Secure in the knowledge that we are not about to be invaded by Martians or Hitler, you can listened to the broadcast my mother and her friends heard, without prior notice that it was a radio drama.As I listened, I jotted down this flow of events. They are not an accurate transcript, just fragments I thought I was hearing as I listened, as I was trying to put myself in the position of the unprepared listener, years ago.A scientist speaks of a disturbance on the surface of Mars.“The people of Grover’s Mill…burnt to death...national emergency.”??“Ladies and Gentleman, I have grave news for you…"?“The enemy…crossing the river...Martians!”"?...?This is the end…smoke...""Now…they are running. People dropping into the river—like rats…people running…falling like flies.” ?Coughing audio effects??. “The heat!" We hear a sound; assume it is the speaker falling..."Radio silence and then a metal scraping noise..."…??2X2 calling New York…is there anyone in New York…is there anyone?”??Radio silence.This eBook will give you a brief history of The Great Radio Hoax. It explains why it worked in the times, and asks what hoaxes we might fall for today. Then, you can experience the infamous radio broadcast.

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