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At the end of the religious war, that almost was the end of humanity several tribes were still holding out. Among the were Ron Drake, Jack, Alan and Diana. The four had set out to cross the Great Divide, that almost cut the country in half. Diana was born in a city on the other side, and her three friends had promised to help her to get there. When walking along, they came to an old camp site with several huts. Getting closer, a door opened in the first hut and an old man came out with a shotgun in his hands. "Nothing here for you people, just move along." We have been walking all day and need a place to rest our legs, said Ron smiling at the old man. The old man pointed farther down, and added. The blue hut yonder would be right for you." As he said this he let his shotgun rest on the ground. Jack that was hidden from the old man by Ron, took his gun and shot the old man. "Why in all hell would you do that?" Screamed Ron and hit Jack across his face. "We are going down to the blue hut, find a shovel and bury the old man." with those words the other three went to the blue hut. Jack found a shovel and was starting to dig in the ground when he heard a noise. Turning around he saw a large dog going for his throat. Jack died and here started the adventures for the other three friends and a dog.

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