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When James Wilder and Betty Brown had been together for a few years, as boy- and girlfriend, they decided to have an engagement party. At the party they told the many good luck wishers there will be no wedding before we both have our degrees, and are well established here in town. A loud cheers followed the proclamation, and one of Bettys BFFE, (Best Friends For Ever) friends Jane lifted her glass and agreed with the two. With all their old friends from college, Max, Steven, Alfred, Benny, William and many more, from Bettys side, she had been a busy girl in college. James were not far behind with Laura, Jane and another half a dozen.It was only a month later when Betty was found stabbed to death with a knife. It took detective Donald Smart over a month to go through all the people that had been to their party. Unfortunately without finding the killer that must have hated Betty, to so savagely showing a knife through her chest so many times.When the case was moved to the cold case files, Bettys parents together with James demanded a new effort to find the killer. A new detective was put on the case, and he demanded that a psychiatrist must be part of the team. It took this new team a full week to read through all the papers and notes. Then when they were ready to start, they asked the psychiatrist to make a list of reason for this demonic killing. Two weeks later the killer was apprehended and taken to court.

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