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EXCERPTI’m in my old office, or at least a very good copy of it.Below me is the same aged turquoise carpet, with the fading brown and green pattern. Above are the same fluorescent lights, with one bulb dimly light, and the other burnt out. Even the cubicles are the same, laid out in the same maze like pattern, and if pressed I can easily navigate the various twists and turns with my eyes closed.But, that’s not the strangest part. No the strangest part, are the people. About twenty of them, I’d say, who have lined up to greet me. They stand statue still, in a row ten on one side and ten on the other, and wore the same stern, yet annoyed expression, of my elevator companions. Like my companions, the men are all dressed in the same white shirt, black tie combo that I’ve dubbed Mormon style. The woman have a little more freedom, in their choice of fashion, but most wore a very conservative type blouse, and skirt. I feel out of place. My clothes consist of: lose khaki pants held in place by a stretched thin belt, and a short sleeved shirt that just barely hid my round fat belly, topped off by a tie littered with characters from the Peanuts comic strip. My shame turns to horror when I looked down, and see that my shirt and pants are stained a dark red. Oh god, it’s blood. I’ve been swimming in a river of blood!Before, my mind can reel any further, I again feel hands push me forward. It’s not a gentle push either, and again I nearly trip over my own feet.As I stumble forward, the statue-like employees stir, and then softly began to clap. I feel another push, and realize I’m being herding along, probably by my elevator companions. The more steps I take the louder the applause, though strangely that stern annoyed expression never leaves any of their faces.

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