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Narf, the last of his entire race, that once covered the earth. Now he's the last survivor of this intelligent race, living alone. To be able to eat he has to rely on the humans for help. Narf had tried all the different animals around, but not one could even compare to the wonderful taste of a human body. Narf had found out that most of the humans would kill their own specie for gold, or money. He had when he lived by his own beings found an enormous gold vein close to where they lived. When the people of his own tribe wanted to tell every Narfft about his discovery he had killed his tribe with a potent poison. He had left them dead outside their huts as a deterrent for others. Narf had never given a thought that illness could come from the dead bodies, but it did. He was the last and only survivor of this noble race. He could not understand why he had survived when all the others had painfully past away. He was great-full that the humans never caught the illness. Narf had told two humans about the gold deposit and helped them to safeguard the gold until a large company got the right to mine the enormous deposit. Then started the trouble and deceit, when more of the humans wanted a part of the gold.

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