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Her father in-law was silent for a while. "We just received a prophecy that he has come back into this generation". "What has the evil baby come back to this world for?". And why is he back, Dad?". That was Smith. His father took a deep breath and told the story. "In every generation, he gets reborn. His mission is to annihilate every member of his family. The last time he was given a chance to live in this world, misfortune reigned and every member of the family experienced death in a weird way. And that was in my grandfather's time. And so my father killed the baby and I also did the same, anytime he reared his ugly head. This is a family tradition, my son . And now it is time for you to kill him so as to save your own generation". "So what do you suggest I do Dad?. Smith asked after a long silence. His father replied in unmistakable terms. "Kill the child as soon as he is born". "No!! Charity cried out and Smith took her in his arms as she sobbed uncontrollably. ************************************************************************

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