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They had been three. Traveling together for safety. In the world of the Un-dead... And they didnt kid themselves, it was the world of the Un-dead, and there was little enough protection even traveling as a group.The Living dead... Zombies... Un-dead... It didnt matter what words you used, they were things that should not be. And those things that should not be were getting stronger... Smarter... They were coming out in the daylight now. And they did not hesitate to kill... To bite... And what did it matter which they did? Either was the end of life and the beginning of forever dead. And none of them had a need to be dead... A wish to be dead.Not that there werent days when they had wished for death, there were. The world was destroyed. Decaying right along with the Zombies who now ruled it. It was a hard place to want to live in. A hard place. And it could make you wish for death, but not death like that. Not death that never ended.The day had started out as a good day, but it quickly changed. Before the sun set one of their own would be doomed to death... Living death...They were moving on. They had decided someplace else would be better and they had started out early that morning. Bobby told himself later that maybe they had decided to move on too late. Or, maybe the dead were just that much quicker, smarter than they used to be.

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