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An evil magician is planning to take over the world. He thinks his enemies are among the living… When Lester Furnival and her friend Evelyn die in a plane crash, they find themselves walking through a ghostly, surreal, twilight London. Lester’s fiancé is an artist, who is obsessed with images of a city so bright and true that he can’t paint anything else. The scandalous magician Simon Leclerc has sacrificed his own child to gain control over this world…and the next. As Lester and Evelyn discover what has happened to them, they are pulled in different directions—one toward isolation and despair and the other toward a sacrificial self-giving that, to her great surprise, saves even her. All Hallows’ Eve is Charles Williams’ last and greatest novel. The grandfather of the urban fantasy genre, Williams novel is poignant, relevant, and chilling. Along with C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Williams formed The Inklings, a society of writers in Oxford, England who changed the world with their mythopoetic vision.

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