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Andy Alytis is an American ex-patriot living in Athens. He notes, ruefully, that all the foreign, study-abroad girlfriends he has hooked up with in Athens, have started out seeming like the girl next door, but gradually reveal themselves to be wing-nuts, and drama-queens, full of hidden phobias and twisted feelings. Hes hoping to meet a good, down to earth Greek girl, who will take him as he is. So, hes over the Moon about Chrysoula. Though he describes her as having a face like a porcelain doll, with a nimbus of black hair, he notes that her name is based on the Greek word for "Gold". When he meets her in Syntagma (Constitution) Square that morning, to Andy, it is like finally reaching a "city of gold"!But before their rendezvous is finished, Chrysoula knocks all Andys expectations into a cocked hat with the weirdest, most unsettling story he can imagine. There,at a sidewalk cafenion, in the midst of Athens crowds and traffic, Chrysoula recounts the story of her life on Hypatia, her obscure home island. It is the story of her uncle Barba Yiannis becoming a vrycolakos; her narrow escape from him and the fire that was supposed to cleanse the family of his curse forever... But does it?Barba Yiannis offers a preview of the authors soon to be available "Rambulations of Andreas the Bum".

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