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Joseph Beck, a German infantryman, and his men are instructed to escort a number of wagons across Russia by the orders of their army commander, General Wolfgang Alucard, to a secret location deep within the interior. Unbeknown to these soldiers, the wagons hide a group of bloodthirsty vampires, and they soon learn that General Alucard has betrayed them. Joseph witnesses the slaughter of his comrades by these vampires, and becomes obsessed with preventing Alucards mad plan for vampires to populate the world and have complete control. Having been taken over by a mysterious vampire parasite that has transformed him into a human vampire, and driven by anger and remorse over the death of his comrades, Joseph swears he will have his revenge and sets out to find and destroy Alucard. During his long and arduous search, in which he faces great danger, he finds others like him, unaware that Alucard has developed a machine that can incubate the parasites and bring them to maturity much quicker. Joseph realises that there is immediate danger of Alucard fulfilling his mentor’s, Adolf Hitler, dreams of world domination, and if he fails to destroy the General and his vampires and loses the battle, humanity will once again tremble under the sound of the Jackboot.

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