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Toronto, 1990: the city is booming with a nightlife second to none. Welcome to the home turf of Reg Martin, a Homicide Detective considered damaged goods by his peers. Turning to alcohol after his partner is kiled under unexplained circumstances, Regs career and marriage lay in ruins. Despite his soiled reputation, he is requested by his former employer, the RCMP, to investigate the murder of one of their own. The case is a deal breaker and could save or end more than just his career.Still, Reg is reluctant to take the job. Haunted at night with visions of the friend he couldnt save, tormented each day by news reports about a spate of brutal murders, the victims drained of blood. Reg knows there is a link between these crimes and his missing partner. To find the answers he must go it alone, and the chain of evidence leads him to a nightclub called "The Afterlife."Suddenly the action intensifies as bodies disappear and Reg realizes that he is being shadowed by a mysterious figure. Out of options, he must put aside his fears and accept the unimaginable. Vampires are real and he will have to befriend one of them if he hopes to survive a war with a vampire queen and her bloodthirsty followers.Love, betrayal, redemption - Blood Promise is an adult story, graphic and unsettling. A hell of a read, building with intensity from the beginning to the end.

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