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Shed had her fun alone, and it was time to find companions again. She sat silently, listening to the noises around her. She could hear a tarot reader on the left side of the square shifting in her chair, then she smelled the newly lit stick of incense, heard the clinking of cheap bangles coming together and the crack of the cards as the bored card reader shuffled the deck for something to do. On the right, she could sense pedestrian traffic, first coming off of Decatur on the far side of the square and turning up St. Ann, drifting toward the heart of the French Quarter: Bourbon Street.When Dr. Olivia Holmwood joins the faculty as a visiting professor after Professor Clark’s suicide, everyone thinks it is a good match for everyone. Alex takes her course, Reading the Vampire, hoping for a bit of frivolous fun during the semester.But Olivia’s not just here to teach a course. She’s looking for someone.

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