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There’s a new vampire in town and his name is Blood. Alucard, lord of the vampire is ageing, his vampire parasite is nearing its thousand year life cycle and he is in need of a replacement. Joseph Beck is also a vampire, a new-breed, and sworn enemy of Alucard and must at all cost derail Alucards plans to replace his vampire parasite. Alucards plans are and always have been to rule the world through a vampire army. Meanwhile, Blood, Alucards trusted lieutenant is closing in on Joseph in a remote area of hills and lakes in the west of England called Keswick, where Alucard is planning to locate the ancient burial site of the last remaining vampire parasite hive. Joseph and his band of new-breed vampires are almost wiped out in the pursuing battle, but doggedly, they fight on to rid the world of the blood crazed beasts Alucard would unleash onto mankind.

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