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“There are always places for evil to hide.” These chilling words shook Father John Wilburn an set into motion events which threatened to unleash an apocalyptic killing spree in the capitol region of upstate New York. Detective Devin Alexander moved to upstate New York to escape his past. His once promising career was overshadowed by an act of violence and a failed marriage, both of which he tries to forget by drinking. A man with nothing more to lose, he is relentless in his pursuit of criminals. His latest investigation is teaching him that not every case is cut and dry, especially when the killer you’re chasing may be centuries old and unseen by the human eye. Evil in its purest form has descended on a college campus, claiming a new life each night in a horrific and ritualistic fashion. Using technology as a catalyst, this evil threatens to spread beyond the capitol region of New York to everywhere the internet will reach. To keep himself and the others alive, Devin must rely on Father Wilburn and become the detective he once was, before all Hell breaks loose.

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