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    Be careful who you talk about. Be careful who you think about. Bonus Tears: Includes six original short stories. Further than even the moon or the stars can remember, the people referred to now as transgender were goddesses and gods; the true gods. These goddesses and gods ruled among the commoners, the cisgenders, referring to those who only possessed one quality, of one spirit; ordinary and very common. The goddesses and gods, however, were something quite special; extraordinary. These goddesses and gods, quite rare, as is the case with goddesses and gods, possessed qualities of both spirits – a male body, with a female spirit and vice versa. The goddesses and gods, caring and loving, guiding blessings into each citizens’ lives, guiding humanity’s evolution into progression. The goddesses and gods were the celebrities of the time; adored and admired. Although capable of inflicting the unimaginable, goddesses and gods never misused their powers. One day, the commoners, the cisgenders, grew very jealous, and very envious that they could not be as special. They did not want to continue to help build this worlds society, catering to the goddesses and gods will. To an action that would now be comparable to Hitler, the cisgenders, outnumbering the gods, overthrew the goddesses and gods and continued to erase their history over time. To this day, these goddesses and gods, now referred to and labelled as transgender, by the cis, power remains severely dormant. The goddesses and gods, to this day, are still suppressed by the cis and infiltrated by deceptive demons, masquerading as transgender people to tarnish the godly name. Seen in many ways today, such as drag, which is the blackface for trans people. That is, until one day, a goddess’s dormant power state was awoken – and this time, it’s not going to be nice.

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