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Sunday arrives at Hope of St. John College,after several hours of journey by road.This is his first time leaving home for boarding school. He is with his uncle, Eke who is an ex military personnel, and along with a hired driver.The school premise is pristine and picturesque like garden. It is late in the evening and a weekend.The Administrative block is a minute drive from the school gate.The block and other structures surrounding it are built by Colonial masters many years ago. Sunday likes the environment although he begins to feel homesick. Eke looks out for his friend and former colleague, Wilcox who is now a senior staff of the school.As the night progresses, Sunday and the driver fall asleep. Wilcox is not happy with Eke so he calls him aside. Wilcox asks Eke his reason for choosing the school for his nephew. When Wilcox questions Eke’s loyalty to his brother, Sunday’s father, it almost leads to a fisticuff. In a sudden moment, they hear a shriek which startles Sunday and the driver from sleep. Eke makes a sharp turn and sees a two-winged and fangs bearing monster. The door is broken down and the creature is about to attack him. Wilcox intervenes and tames it. He leads the monster to its room.After the incidence, the guests decide to leave. Wilcox warns them of the danger walking late outside. They spend the night in affliction and wake up the next day tired. Wilcox introduces his scrawny little son, Douglas to the guests. Douglas is also the monster they encountered the night before. Sunday gets to learn firsthand the rules governing the school. Exorcism is highly prohibited, the practices of any religious activity are criminal offence and attacking animals leads to severe punishment.Douglas reveals to Sunday a lot about the school. All the academic staffs belong to a bloody cult with the principal as the highest authority. Wilcox and the principal are part of an evil trinity as referred to by the students. They invoke the spirit of the dead and use them to cause havoc.After the death of some students, the school authority claims they committed suicide and they recommend all students to undergo psychiatric evaluation. One fateful night, Sunday decides to escape from school. He is not alone in this adventure; he forms an alliance with his two friends in the same house as him. With their cooperation, they overpower the porter and break out of the hostel.When they think they are making progress, the winged beast appears in front them. Sunday’s companions are terrified. Sunday knows it is Douglas behind it. He looks at the creature and exorcizes its demons. The beast goes into frenzy and falls to the ground to turns back Douglas.Douglas is grateful for the intervention. He tells them the best escape route to take. As they walk along the field, they unwittingly fall into a trap. Massive roots like tentacles entangle them and suck them in. They wake up and find themselves in a metaphysical world. It is day time over there and they are in the middle of a graveyard, with several thousand graves. A ghost walks out of his grave in white. When they look closer, they find out it is the student who died in place of Sunday. He doesn’t hear them when they call his name.They are more curious and decide to follow the ghost. They are surprise to see the name of students on each tombstone and the date they will die. Sunday also sees his name and that of his friends. The ghost leads them into a hall where they see multitude of dead men and women working feverishly. Sunday is surprised to see his uncle and the driver amongst the dead. Douglas also appears in shackles with his father and the senior staffs holding knives.Sunday cannot be seen or heard and same as his colleagues. They are in a different form of existence which makes them undetectable.

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