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I didnt need this. I was living a great life. Maybe it was a little boring, but I didnt care. It was my own life, and I would have done anything to go back to the way things were. Of course, I couldnt, because only in a perfect world do we get what we want. Instead, Im sent off on a crazy desperate idea to live in a house where my worst nightmare had come true. Living there was a constant reminder of what I lost. The ghost in the walls didnt seem to make it any easier. I tried to stay strong. I kept my head high and never moped around. I even met someone. But it wasnt enough; I was losing a battle I had not realized I was fighting. The house wasnt the only thing that made things hard. The house was a burn in my heart more than it was evil. It was this place, this town. It was the thing that lurked in the shadows behind every sad soul that walked around there. It was hiding and toying with all of us. It was after blood. And no matter how hard it was to believe or how unreal it had all seemed to me, whether or not I liked it, something sinister was out there. How do I survive this? For the first time in a very long time . . . Im scared.

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