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THERE'S A HELL DIMENSION IN THE CITY BEAUTIFUL, VULNERABLE YOUNG WOMEN WANTED Under Cassie’s new apartment—under her university and city — demons plunder and punish their unsuspecting victims. When young Cassie moves away on her own to attend the university, she finds new friends and a great apartment with both odd and wonderful neighbors. She goes to a cool club with friends and meets a gorgeous and sexy hunk she calls “Paulo” who dances great, pulls neat tricks with drinks, and makes her want crazy, wild sex. But her drunken partying and sultry dancing with Paulo may have also created something else — she had become subjected to the attention of demons seeking innocent preys. They are all for the hormones, and she begins having lustful dreams that leave her exhausted and confused in the morning. She does not remember her dreams so it does not make sense to wake up in a mess, sweating, and feeling like she has had wanton sex. But there are such things as too much. And dreams — even one with a gorgeous hunk and playful hands — supposedly can’t hurt you. Can they? If you wish to read more, download now! READER ADVISORY: This series contains content that readers may find objectionable, including explicit language, sex, abuse, violence, and erotic themes. BONUS PREVIEW AT THE END OF THE BOOK! EXCERPT Then… he was just there—her dance partner. The gorgeous hunk with the magician’s hands materialized before her. He came out of nowhere and he was just there, staring down at her with his warm, heavy lidded, sexy eyes. “What are you doing here?” he asked her, even when it was him who was in her room. She was awake and looking up at him with eyes pleading in need. She wanted to fall into those sad eyes of his. He looked like he was in pain. But he smiled. “I am sorry, but I am glad. You are my reward, Beautiful. Give yourself to me. You want me, don’t you?” She wanted him, but she didn’t move since she was still wondering how to ask how he’d gotten in. “You resist me?” No, no, I want you. He smiled. “Oh… I know you do. I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t summoned me, Beautiful.” Then he bent and he started to kiss her. She immediately kissed him back, and the kiss turned into something hungry and alive and fiery. His hands were both rough and tender as he explored her, as he did away with her clothes in wanting to reach her skin. She, too, tried to tear his clothes off of him. She wanted to feel him. She wanted his naked skin against her naked skin. She wanted to burn for him. I need you… I want you… “Yes, Beautiful?” He’d answered as if he’d heard her mind speak. Other Titles in this Series: 2 - Nightmares and Illusions 3 - A Taste of Grace 4 - Thwarting Demons Download and discover why readers follow Lily Green. Scroll up and get the book now!

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