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In a room, dimly lit by black lights and the glare of a world news shown on a thousand 100' TV’s, the Devil sits in his hot tub, playing Xbox. Smoke from a cigar in the nearby ashtray billows around him, reminiscent of the melting witch, as he reaches for another puff. Send my daughter to me immediately.” He yelled in a tone that would rival any massive lions roar. She is a beautiful woman, tall and lean with long curly blonde hair that reached her buttocks and eyes, grayer than the Pacific before a storm, she was cursed though being the Devil's daughter with her hands and feet black as ink. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did not God order you to leave the white race alone for a few years. I mean meth hit them pretty hard and until all the legislation passed over the ingredient, we had no shortage of white people coming down.

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