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life in a small rural town can sometimes be hell, endless monotony, lack of opportunity and the soul destroying boredom. these were exactly the things that haunted peters life and tormented his mind.that was until the strange beautiful woman and her sinister manservant arrived in town and bought the big old house. peter would soon learn that not all opportunitys are good, there are far more soul destroying things then boredom and at least monotony will not kill a time off economic deprivation and uncertain future even the most spiritual among us begin to doubt. soon their doubts will reach fever pitch and they will learn what real fear is like. they will know just how deep despair can become when hell comes to their doorstep.welcome to the dark web where all your dreams will come true and where you will wish they had not. they say that games are never a matter of life or death, but the people who say that have never experienced dark web. a storm of unimaginable violence and debauchery is about to sweep this small community to a frightening and tragic end game.

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